Lover’s Knot

Bruised and broken I surrender at the altar of your love
How quickly the tears start to flow
When the fear of loss is great
The human heart beats on in the loneliness of the night
Not a soul in sight to see it
One word spoken changing hope forever
That dreaded moment before goodbye is spoken
Then a stumble through the final farewell
Going going gone
Vanishing slowly, away, away from me.
No more to see
Not an expectation
My dreams diminished
Now if we happen to meet unexpectedly
An embarrassed hello
A minute or two of small talk
The smouldering flame relit
for the briefest of moments
A strained friendliness
Not precious time as spent before
Holding that fragile commodity
Never realising for a minute
We would be on the wrong side of it.
Oh foolish, foolish heart of mine
Why have you leapt from me
Into thine?
I would have given it gladly
If only you had asked.
Still like the sweet gentle beguiling persuader, you took it any way.
What have you left me my dearest lover-not?
This ocean full of feeling
that washes an empty shore
Where you stand no more
My grateful thanks and sincere appreciation for it all
The awakening spirit, the quickening of the heart beat
for demonstrating how much depth of emotion still exists within the walls of this woman’s frame.
It was such a marvellous gift
given so graciously
What a warmth flowed from your spirit into mine
and for that I will never forget
That moment divine.
So I set you free
For what else can I do
Not always will I think of you
Only when the sky is the colour blue
Like your far away eyes
And when the translucent sea catches the light
I shall think of how bright
Your orbs once looked on me
And when that melody plays
In my inward eye will your image
Onward and onward
Not for minute or and hour
But always
Like the lingering embrace.
I will remember your face
And I shall smile, and may be weep
For the man, a friend and nearly lover
Who taught me to love so deep.